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About Us: Transforming Trials into Triumphs

Welcome to the Resilient Health Portal, your pathway to transformation and resilience. At Resilient Health, we believe that challenges, whether injuries or musculoskeletal conditions, can be the catalysts for positive change. Our mission is to guide users on a journey from adversity to a healthier, happier life.

Our Approach: A Holistic Approach to Well-being

The Resilient Health Portal is not merely a platform--it's a comprehensive resource designed to enhance every aspect of users' physical and mental health. We empower users to cultivate lasting habits through knowledge, support, and an array of tools.

Key Elements: Your Toolkit for Resilience

  • Access: Available on computers and mobile devices, our resources are inclusive, aiming to provide information in all official languages of South Africa.
  • Internationally Accredited Library: A vetted collection of health articles and resources covering musculoskeletal conditions and chronic pain.
  • Workability Vetted Products: Access to a range of medical and health products, some available at special discounted prices based on your subscription tier.
  • Rehabilitation Exercise Programs: Tailored programs for specific injuries or conditions, complete with tracking and reminder features.
  • General Health and Fitness Programs: Modified exercise programs for users with specific injuries and conditions, complete with tracking and reminders.
  • Nutritional Guidance: Healthy eating guidelines, diet tracking tools, and supplement recommendations with tracking and reminders.
  • Motivation and Mental Health Resources: Tools and resources to support users on their mental health and motivation journey.
  • Pain and Musculoskeletal Condition Management Courses: Led by Resilient Health Coaches, including our flagship course, the Thrive Beyond Pain Journey--a 6-week remote group coaching course empowering participants to develop personalized pain management plans.
  • Access to Workability Accredited Network: Support from Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Doctors, and Mental Health Professionals, including video calls through the portal and online booking for face-to-face appointments.

Resilient Health Portal and Workability Partnership: A Commitment to Support

In partnership with Workability, the Resilient Health Portal extends its commitment to providing comprehensive support for those dealing with back and neck pain. Tailored resources are offered for:
  • Individuals with Minor Back and Neck Pain: Providing preventative measures to avoid the need for advanced programs or surgery.
  • Individuals who have Completed the Workability BNAP Program: Offering ongoing support to maintain progress and access valuable resources.

Beyond Programs, Building Resilience

The Resilient Health Portal serves as a post-BNAP resource, granting individuals free access to information and tools to manage musculoskeletal conditions long-term, six months post-program.

Funding Model: Empowering Transformation Through Support

Funding sources for the Resilient Health Portal include self-funding by patients, donors through Phambili South Africa, employers, insurers, open and closed medical aids, and COID. Workability offers six months free access to the standard paid tier for individuals completing WRAP & BNAP programs.

Tiered Access: Customizing Support for Every User

  • Free Tier: Accessible to all users on signup, offering an internationally accredited library, vetted health products, free Resilient Health Back & Neck eBooks, and other valuable resources.
  • Standard Paid Tier (R100/m): Directly funded by patients or through various funders, offering everything in the free tier plus additional features such as exercise programs, nutritional guidance, and community engagement.
  • Premium Tier (Cost TBC): Offering exclusive features, tailored to meet specific needs.

In Conclusion: Building a Resilient Community

Resilient Health Portal offers pain management and musculoskeletal health resources and courses. Whether you're an individual seeking transformation or a funder looking to support impactful programs, Resilient Health Portal is your partners in building a resilient and thriving community.

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